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Restaurants Application Platform
The Mobilaurus apps platform can help restaurants increase marketing, attract new customers and drive repeat business.
We create a two-way communication bond between you and your customers.
Mobilaurus gives restaurants new marketing opportunities and innovative customer services, including mobile online ordering, promotions, signage, and more.
HotDOTSTM, Mobilaurus' proprietary push marketing module, drives repeat business AND attracts new customers by putting your restaurant Top Of MindTM on your customers' phones. Mobilaurus enables restaurants to capitalize on exciting mobile marketing by enabling customers to immediately make their purchase.
Mobilaurus smart phone apps can help transform your business:
  • Increase your marketing with multimedia and rich content
  • Geographic targeting
  • Market directly to your customers
  • Capitalize on immediacy and excitement of marketing by allowing immediate purchases
  • Keep you Top of MindTM before meals
  • Take orders and make transactions
  • Inform customers of new menu items, special offers, and more
  • Enable interactivity
  • Exciting marketing campaigns
  • Comprehensive performance analytics
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